Art of the Day #22 – MARVEL-ous!

Zootopia x Avengers – Uncivil War by maXKennedy
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I’m pretty sure that 2016 will go down in history as “The Year that Disney Made More Money Than Any Other Movie Studio Ever.”  Seriously, their lineup for this year includes two major Marvel movies (Civil War and Doctor Strange), two major Disney Animations (Zootopia and Moana), a MAJOR Pixar movie (Finding Dory) and two live-action remakes of Disney Classics (The Jungle Book and Pete’s Deagon).  I’ll even throw Deadpool in that mix because even though it was made by Fox, Marvel still made money off it it, which feeds into Disney’s profits by proxy.

Disney is going to be doing this by the end of the year, if they aren’t already.

So, are you Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?  Maybe some crossover art will sway you to one side or the other.  Check it out after the break!

Bucky got the offer from Tiger Dancing Group successfully… by xxxxxx6x
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Finnick Fox as the Punisher by Kagura_Nitrogat
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Nick Judy Love by creed0221_
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The Anivengers by GrimmArtworks
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Zootopia Civil War by [Artist name unknown]
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Deadlops by ZootopiaStories
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Bucky and Benjamin Clawhauser by xxxxxx6x
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Judy Widow by cartoonstudy
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SpideyPool by noinamon
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Civil War by younggam93_
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Bucky with his fluffy friend by xxxxxx6x
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DeadTopia by ijul
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Judy the PUNISHER by AppleJackieClank241
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Judy Hopps – Deadpool v2 by vicockart
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Nick Wilde’s Secret Identity [Zootopia Fanart] by TanYankorn
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Zoovil War (Zootopia + civil war) by blacksmile111
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