Story: Hot Fuzz [Update Complete!]


[Comedy] [Mystery] [Rated T-13] [Complete]
“Very punny and very british, always talking about pubs and such” – Tomlocke
“Pubs as in “kids” or pubs as in “let’s get another drink?” – Moonwolf

Author: MalKontent

Description: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are the hardest-working mammals in all of the ZPD precincts, and it’s been noticed.  The pair are forced to take a break, reassigned to a countryside down where there hasn’t been a serious crime reported in over twenty years.  Who knows how they’ll deal with this change in pace, and is there more to the sleepy town than it seems?

Hot Fuzz

Additional Tags: It’s the movie, but more awesome because it’s about Nick and Judy.

Table of Contents after the break!

Chapter 1 – The Beginning
Chapter 2 – The Journey
Chapter 3 – Introductions
Chapter 4 – The Merchant of the Bushel Fields
Chapter 5 – Pun Times
Chapter 6 – Shakespaw’s Ghost
Chapter 7 – For Whom the Bells Toll
Chapter 8 – Cut the Thread
Chapter 9 – A Family Matter
Chapter 10 – One Wilde Night
Chapter 11 – Bad Hopps
Chapter 12 – Cry ‘Havoc’, and let slip the Bunnies
Chapter 13 – Two Pints of Lager and a Round of Shots
Chapter 14 – Clean-up on Aisle Five
Chapter 15 – The End of All Things