O. M. Goodness! Someone made a 3D Model of Judy Hopps, free for anyone to use! [Actual News, not April Fool’s Joke]

This is absolutely incredible, you guys.  A truly generous artist by the name of Splatypi just released a fully rigged, custom-made 3D Model of Judy Hopps for anyone to use on the open-source 3D Animation Software, Blender.

Pick it up here!  I can’t wait to see what gets made with it!

And Splatypi, you are fantastic!  Bravo!

UPDATE:  People have already started making things with it.  How awesome is that!  Even if you aren’t a 3D Artist or Animator, what better opportunity to try something new?
Check it out here! (credit: u/Megalan)


  1. Cool character 🙂 I watched this cartoon. I would like to make a 3D model, but I'm afraid not enough skills to do so. I'm using this software 3d-kstudio.com/ . At their website you can get tips and advice, so I'll try. Good luck everyone.

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