Music Video: Try Everything A Capella! (by Home Free) (O.M.Goodness it is incredible!)

Well everyone, if you were planning on doing a cover of Try Everything… well I don’t know if it’s possible to top this!  (Try anyways if you want to though, I dare you to prove me wrong!)  The most amazing part of this is that I could swear they were using some sort of instrumental track, but no!  It’s 100{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} full A Capella!

Home Free, you just won yourself a fan.  Possibly several.

Check it out after the break!


  1. Wow, that is impressive… Specialy how they manage the background music or how close their voices is to the original shakira voice :O

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