Art of the Day #15

Mrs. Otterton by Lailary
Source [1]
Emmitt Otterton is definitely a lucky mammal.  Mrs. Otterton is one of the most adorable characters in Zootopia- a movie starring one of the cutest, fuzziest bunnies in all of animation.
(…Don’t tell Judy I said that.)
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Try Everything by freedomthai
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DISNEY ZOOTOPIA – Nick Wilde (picture and video) by JR-Juliua
Source [3]
Speedpainting Video
Zootopia Judy Hopps by SheapSheap
Source [4]
Diner by ghostsjogging
Source [5]
Zootopia by Taneysha
Source [6]
Running Wild by Dragonborn91
Source [7]
Wilderness Explorer by Steampoweredfoxes
Source [8]
Try everything by Allinox
Source [9]
Judy and Nick take a walk by jonathantaniuchi
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Benjamin Clawhauser by PossumTool
Source [11]
Why are you crying? Carrot by Blackligerth
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When the Hustle is Just Right / When the Counter-Hustle is Just Right by FireFoxProject
Source [1314]
Nick + Judy by luke3411
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