Saturday, August 4, 2018

Special Art of the Day #246: More Supers

Zootopia Comics No.1 by Weischede by Weischede
Source [1]
Well folks, it's been a great year for super-hero movies so far...even with that ending of Infinity War.

And so we present yet another collection of Zootopia-Supers crossovers.  We begin with a Zootopian version of the Action Comics #1 (Where Superman made his debut.)

Enjoy...and don't forget to show the artists some appreciation by clicking on the source-links.

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Well what's Superman without Batman?
The Dark Rabbit Rises by JackorJohn
Source [2]
Some of the most popular Zootopia-Supers fanart is dedicated to Deadpool.  Here's Judy as the Merc With A Mouth
Judy Hopps - Deadpool v2 by vicokcart
Source [3]
And also Nick
Dead-topia by wuffy32
Source [4]
Bogo as Colossus is brilliant.
DeadTopia by ijul
Source [5]
Of course, when it comes to dropping wisecracks, Deapool has nothing on this guy.
Nick Wilde - The Mask by thebiggeewhizz
Source [6]

Guess what time it is?
Atomic Wedige--Chief Bogo, Officer Fangmeyer, McHorn by animatedartlover
Source [7]
Next we offer a series of Zootopia X Avengers crossover artwork.


The gang's all here

Avengers Zootopia Style by Claus Yu
Source [8]
Judy as Cap with Nick as The Winter Soldier
Captain Judy and The Winter Fox by ル一キ一ドリフト
Source [9]
As Hawkeye and The Black Widow
Zoovengers by janjin192
Source [10]
Oh...WISE guy!
Black Panther by des-dogsport
Source [11]
Nick as Dr. Strange
Nick Strange by @swetpot
Source [12]
With Finnick on the side.
Nick and Finnick Wearing Dr. Strange Cloak by master1114
Source [13]

♪ Spider Fox, Spider Fox
Does whatever a spider...a spider... ♫
Oh the heck with it.
Spider Fox by thevillagekinggame
Source [14]
And of course, we must have some Guardians of the Galaxy crossover art.
ZooGuardians of the Galaxy by ziegelzeig
Source [15]
Judy as Gamora
Judy as Gamora from the Guardians of the Galazy by AndrejSKalin
Source [16]
A slightly different take on Nick and Judy as Cap and Iron Man
Nick and Judy LIL Avengers by lordmesa-art
Source [17]
Judy as Storm
Note: there's actually a 'furry' version of the X-Men out there that predates even the first X-Men movie,  The Extinctioners by Shawntae Howard
Storm Judy Hopps by thebemeister
Source [18]
Judy does Wonder Woman
Judy Hopp as Wonder Woman by KendallCollins
Source [19]
And again.  My, such an attitude!
Wonder_Bunny by monoflaxart
Source [20]
We've seen plenty of artwork of Flash as The Flash.   Now, here's a slightly different take on the subject.  Just goes to show that with proper motivation, anything is possible.
Source [21]
Nick as The Arrow
Nick as The Arrow by sunderstruck
Source [22]
Of course there's no rule saying Nick and Judy  (or Finnick) have to play super-HEROES. 
Batman Villains by ル一キ一ドリフト
Source [23]
Harley Hopps by crewefox
Source [24]
Judge Judy   She IS the law.
Judge Judy by MakerWizard
Source [25]
I find you...GUILTY!
Judge_Judy by xizrax
Source [26]

We close with a series of pics dedicated to some of Disney/Pixar's home-grown supers.


Judy as Elastigirl
Elastibun by twisted-brit
Source [27]
And as Go-Go from Big Hero 6
GoGo Judy by twisted-brit
Source [28]
Nick Wilde and Darkwing Duck
Team_Up by Darkanine121212
Source [29]
And that's a wrap, folks.
Until Next Time...


  1. Judy as Deadpool, the merc with a mouth...

    and all I can hear is "OH, Sweet cheese and CRACKERS!"

  2. I'm surprised there weren't any of Flash as The Flash...

    1. That's been done so many time already, we decided to give it a rest.