Friday, July 6, 2018

Story: In Between

Art by Ketticat55
[Rating T13][Friendship][Romance][Slow Burn][Incomplete]

If you're looking for a fluffy little interpretation of Nick and Judy's life immediately following the arrest of Dawn Bellwether, from Judy's recovery from her injury to the much-anticipated trip back to Bunnyburrow (with Nick in tow), take a gander at "In Between," which explores the pair's friendship and potentially budding relationship with a series of scenes both in Zootopia and in Bunnyburrow. ~YFWE

Author: uomo_ape
Description : Starts during the arrest of Mayor Dawn Bellwether and follows Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps during the time between that and the graduation ceremony scene.
In Between
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Additional Tags: a pleasant way to fill in the blanks

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