Monday, July 2, 2018

Story: All Bets Are Off (When You're An Honest Liar)

Art by Itzel-Nahomy
[Rating M16][Slice of Life][Romance][AU][Complete]

Banter to end all banter. In this slightly alternate universe (it imagines a different first meeting of Nick and Judy, at a bar rather than at the ice cream parlor), Nick takes a liking to Judy under the influence of a few drinks of alcohol -- and, well, another authority, too, but read on to figure that one out. But as it turns out, she's quite the match for him wit-wise, and what was initially meant to be one thing ends up becoming something else entirely. Rated M for sexual themes. ~YFWE

Author: raynos
Description : Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde have a different meeting when Judy joins the force earlier - he tries to pick her up at a bar. Banter and flirting send temperatures sky rocketing, but is that all that's going on?
All Bets Are Off (When You're An Honest Liar)

Additional Tags: someone make this an audiobook pls kthx

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