Thursday, June 21, 2018

Experience Every Frame of Zootopia!

Zoot Pier Groundwave
by: @miroukitsu
Can you believe someone made a bot just to post every individual frame of Zootopia? It's crazy! I love the idea, and it's sort of useful if you want to get screencaps of the movie if you don't have a copy of the movie yourselves.

Twitter user Zoops247 created a bot that screen caps every individual frame of Zootopia and posts them four of them per hour. From the date this article is posted, it has already posted over 67,000 frames and is in 47 minutes into the movie, 43 percent done! The bot doesn't expect to be finished until Christmas Eve of 2020!

You can learn more about the bot and its intentions right after the break!

A few examples:


  1. I bet that Zootopia 2 will be out by 2020. In all seriousness, this bot is incredible and looks very useful if you wanted to capture all of the best shots.

  2. i want to see this one moviee zootopiaa AGEN BANDARQ

  3. Love this bot so much. Wasn't quite there from the very start but I'm glad to be there for most of the project