Story: Pieces

Art by qalcove

[Rating T13][Crime][Romance][Humor][Drama][Complete]

“Pieces” is a journey, a story that does a fantastic job of capturing our favorite Wildehopps duo getting together in a different sort of way. But beyond just that, it digs deep into Nick’s past, and does a fantastic job at creating the backstory we never had, gripping us with drama and a wonderfully written villain. ~Gorgancm

Author: Ande883

Description :
A fox and rabbit walk into a bar… When a drunken night turns into so much more for Nick and Judy, they need to figure out where they stand as friends, as partners, and maybe as something they never thought possible. From all angles it seems they are doomed to fail. But you know how it goes… Try everything.


Additional Tags: It begins with a joke and ends with closure