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Special Art of the Day #189: Chillin' in Tundratown [Concept and FanArt]

Tundratown Poster by Matthais Lechner
Source [1]
Tundratown, Zootopia's perpetual winter wonderland, kept frigid year round by the Zootopia climate wall.

Here you may find a plethora of winter sports and numerous find dining establishment, such as Halibut's and Svalbard's.

It's also the home turf of the city's most notorious gangster, Mr. Big, so don't be a wiseguy... not unless you want to end up on ice, the hard way.

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Concept art of Tundratown showing Halibut's restaurant.
Zootopia_Concept_Art_ by Cory Loftis
Source [2]
Concept pic of the climate wall, viewed from Tundratown.  Essentially it's a giant A/C unit that puts out cold air on the Tundratown side and hot air on the Sahara Square side.
Climate Wall Tundratown Side by Armand Serrano
Source [3]

Getting around Tundratown sometimes requires the use of specialized modes of transport. (More concept art.)
Tundratown Vehicles by Jim Martin by Jim Martin
Source [4]

Concept drawing of the Tundratown impound lot; this later became the the Tundratown Limousine Service yard.
Impound Lot Tundratown, by Armand Serrano by Aramnd Serrano
Source [5]

The proprietor of Tundratown Limo Service, the one and only Mr. Big.  (There have been quite a few variations on this theme.)
mr__big_by_jenmalarai-d9u8axs by Jenmalarai
Source [6]
Like any good mob boss, Mr. Big is a rodent who demand respect.
mr_big_by_sephiansem-daj1qhg by Sephiansem
Source [7]

Or else you may have to deal with THIS guy, Mr. Big's chief enforcer and bodyguard, Koslov.
Koslov Sketch by Gatomontes2 by gatomontes2
Source [10]

See?  I warned you, but you didn't want to listen.
Zootopia - Selfie fun with bears by Weischede
Source [12]

Mr. Big's pride and joy, his daughter Fru-Fru.
FruFru Housedress by Jusu-Tengu by Jusu-Tengu
Source [8]
Good night, sweet princess.
2170476_JusuTengu_serenity_by_jusu_tengu-dbv3d99 by Jusu-Tengu
Source [9]

Koslov standing watch outside of Svalbard's.  You'd have a sour expression on your face, too, if you'd been knocked down from a major supporting role in Zootopia to a walk-on part with no dialogue.
Svalbard's by Dan Cooper by Dan Cooper
Source [11]
Nick and Judy on the beat in Tundratown.
Tundratown outfits by Frava8
Source [13]

"I thought YOU brought the tire chains, Carrots!"
snowbound by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [14]

Some weasels never learn.
Tundra Town Tunnel Chase by odajima
Source [15]

Neither do some foxes.
untouchables by Ziegelzeig
Source [16]
Nick strolls the streets of T-town in his younger days
snowy_tundratown_by_temiree-dals7um by Temiree
Source [17]

It's not all work and no play for Nick and Judy in Tundratown....
Winter Theme Nick and Judy by RosanaMaria
Source [18]

...which you better believe.
blizzard by yelnatsdraws
Source [19]

Ahhhh, you're taking your life in your own paws there, fox.
zootopia___snow_bunny_by_richardah-d9ozdx5 by Pen-Mark
Source [20]

I mean it; you're walking on thin ice.
On Thin Ice by Latex by latex
Source [21]

Better take her out for a coffee to make it up to her.
Date in Tundratown (colorized) Art by Ziegelzeig, Color by Otakurec37
Source [22]

Maybe head on out to the terrace and enjoy the view.  (And the mountains are pretty, too.)
Zootopia 16 by latex
Source [23]

Oh, look...isn't that sweet?  Judy's teaching Nick to ice skate.
An Evening In Tundratown by Inilo-Vega
Source [24]

How she thinks it's going to end up:
Zootopia on ICE by n09142
Source [25]
How HE thinks it's going to end up:
Ice Skating by SteampoweredFoxes
Source [26]

How it's probably going to end up:
Brokeleg Nick by Red Velvet Panda by RedVelvetPanda
Source [27]
Ahhh, poor Nick.  Oh well, hopefully he'll be mended by the time we get to the Rainforest District.  For now, this is your ever-humble tour-guide, Merc Marten, signing off.

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  1. Thank you, it was a fun ride ! I like the idea of mixing concept arts and fanarts altogether. Now I can't wait to visit Rainforest District.