Monday, April 23, 2018

Nerd³ Toys, Unboxing a Judy Hopps Figurine!

I actually have the Nick Wilde figurine, and I'm actually planning to buy this Judy Hopps figurine some time during the summer!

HELLO PROCRASTINATORS!!!  ...even though he dropped that catchphrase a while ago...

NerdCubed, an incredibly popular Youtuber who does lots and lots of video game related content, has another channel called OfficiallyNerdCubed, which he uses for un-boxing various toys- mostly Lego.  Well, now he's un-boxed the Judy Hopps figurine! While he unboxes the figurine he also compares other Judy-related products from a different figurine altogether, to a mini-judy! And hopefully in the future, he'll make another one, but for Nick Wilde!

Check out the full video right after the break!


  1. Was rather surprised to see him unboxing this. Maybe he's a closet Zoot :P you never know :P

  2. I got a figure like that one for Christmas along with the matching Nick. Mine are a bit different from his, though as they are both fuzzy where their fur is exposed.