Story: Time To Face Up

Art by gistech

[Rating T13][Drama][One-Shot]

We know what happened to Judy in between the press conference and her reunion with Nick, but what about vice versa? “Time to Face Up” explores Nick’s life post-fight, chronicling his shift from defiantly upset to remorseful and showcasing his inner turmoil when he and Judy eventually reconnect by the bridge. For those looking for a well-written, entertaining take on the bridge that gaps all these moments that span a few months in the film, “Time to Face Up” will not let you down. ~YFWE

Author: gistech

Description :
Nick has been brooding over the events of the press conference weeks before. Will he try and find Judy to get some sort of explanation? And what will he find?

Time To Face Up

Additional Tags: it takes two to forgive and forget


  1. I saw the film twice but maybe I'm just extremely inattentive but how long exactly was it since the conference and the reunion? I thought it was only three weeks. Where does it say in the film?

    • Short answer, 2-4 weeks, long answer we only know for sure one week passes between the fight and Judy leaves Zootopia and I’m gunna guess it’s about another week from that and her heading back. Judy doesn’t actually say “I quite” to Bogo so I believe after taking the night to clear her head she goes back to the zpd and asks for some time off instead, witch after finding 14 missing mammals and uncovering Lionheart he’s glad to do over losing his new best officer, I believe this to be the case because bellwether calls Judy “officer hopps” in the museum witch she wouldn’t be if she had really quite, so from what I’ve been able to price together from the information available I believe two weeks.

    • From what the directors have said on Twitter it's about three months between the press conference and Nick and Judy reconciling, and this was written based on that. I don't remember finding how long it was before Judy gave up and went back to Bunnyburrow, though, so I made a guess that there was a week between her returning and her going back to Zootopia.

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