News: Jumbeaux’s Sweet Shop Being Added to Disney Cruise Liner, Nick and Judy Figures Included!



Hello, one and all! Let me ask you guys a question, who here has gone on a cruise ship? I’ve never been myself, but it always seemed like something I’d like to try someday. And if anybody else is thinking about giving one a try then you might want to consider booking a trip on the Disney Treasure since it will be featuring Jumbeaux’s Sweets shop based on the same ice cream place from the movie.

What’s that? Not good enough of a reason to go? Fair enough, Jumbeaux did seem like a pretty prejudiced guy. How about this then? Nick and Judy will also be there, sitting back and enjoying some good old-fashioned ridiculously huge ice cream dishes! I know I certainly want a heap of what they’re having (assuming Jumbeaux’s workers are finally using gloves).

You can check out the link below for some nice in progress shots of the figures as well as an article at the link here for more details. And should you ever find yourself on the Disney Treasure, be sure to stop by Jumbeaux’s and say hi to Nick and Judy!


  1. If you’re an extrovert who likes hanging out with crowds, spending money and drinking a lot while maybe visiting really touristy spots on islands for a couple hours…then a cruise is great. But otherwise…cool as it would be to visit a Zootopia ice cream shop and get a pic with WildeHopps, I’d rather a vacation that’s less stuffed with people where I can explore a place freely without fear of missing ship departure because I only had a couple hours at a stop. Been on several, great for people-centric, not so great for introverted and nature-centric.

  2. Judy and Nick( and the people in the shot ) are WAY over scale in comparison to what would truly be the Jumbeaux’s from the movie

    illusion shattered.

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