Story: Teach me

Art by Koraru-san

[Rating T13][Romance][Humor][AU]

A “What If” continuation where Judy and Nick are high school teachers. With a bit of clever wit, our dynamic duo find themselves pining after each other in the teachers’ lounge instead of the bull pen. With a fun twist that stays true to Judy’s and Nick’s personalities, intriguing OC characters that help drive our two favorite characters together, and just a dash of drama, it is definitely a fun read! ~Gorgancm

Author: Anheledir

Description :
An AU-Story within the “P.I.X.A.R.”-machine. Judy and Nick are teachers at the Meadowland High School, together with Eliot and Chloe (both OCs by Koraru-San, comic “The Mark”). Being friends for so long made them still sightless for their mutual attraction for each other. Can their friends and colleagues Chloe and Eliot (“Stalker Wolf”) give them a nudge into the right direction?

Teach me
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Additional Tags: What if; teachers; high school au