How does Zootopian money work? Seamus Gorman explains it for us!

Something that has always been a bit curious to me is how money works in Zootopia.  After all, nick’s whole Jumbo Pop Hustle is based around an obvious exploit in their economic system.  If a $15 elephant sized popsicle can be melted down to several hundred dollar’s worth of $2 popsicles for lemmings, does that mean that elephants have to pay $13 more for an equivalent snack?

Seamus Gorman, a popular Disney/Pixar Theory Youtuber, has an explanation.  It’s an interesting idea, which I personally refer to as Zootopia’s “Economy of Scale”.  In business and economics, that term refers to the idea that things get less expensive to make the more of them you manufacture at one time, but in Zootopia it’s a bit more… literal.  Could this explain why Nick gave up his successful entrepreneurial enterprises to become a cop?

Check it out for yourself after the break, and let us know what sort of theories you have for Zootopia’s economy down in the comments!