Monday, October 30, 2017

Story: One Word Microfiction

Art by KungFuFreak07
[Rating M16][Fluff][Angst][Drama][Collection]

A single word can carry an abundance of meaning, and in this amazing collection of one-shots, Sophie Ripley aims to create entertaining drabbles that encapsulate the one-word prompts they're supposed to represent, and does so with great results. So sit back and enjoy this delectable medley of Zootopia fanfiction, made up of bite-sized morsels that can be pleasantly sweet at times and sharp and bitter at others. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Sophie Ripley
Description : This is a collection of short microfictions of less than 500 words, each based on a one-word prompt. They range from angst to romance and fluff, and are each a stand-alone one shot.
One Word Microfiction

Additional Tags: Less is more.


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  2. I think it's appropriate to also include "Major Character Death" as a warning to this.