Saturday, October 14, 2017

Story: Don't Let Go

Art by Caliosidhe
[Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Angst][Crime][Drama]

This amazing work has quickly become one of my new favorite stories in the fandom. Nick and Judy venture into a brand new case that will test their wits and have them deal with an issue that surprisingly isn't addressed very much in Zootopia fanfiction: endangered species. An excellent and thought-provoking tale that's held together by quality writing, JustNibblin takes us on a wild ride that features fantastic character development, intense action and several heartfelt scenes, with a few genuinely mind-blowing and well-executed twists that will leave you stunned and hungry for more. And for those who are fans of slow burn romance, this story has that in spades, plus the tension it generates is both sweltering and realistic. Be prepared for an awesome read! -DrummerMax64

Author: JustNibblin
Description : Dozens of species thrive in Zootopia, but not all species are so lucky. Judy and Nick descend into the Nocturnal District to investigate a case involving an endangered species. The two young partners must navigate not only the moral complexities of the case, but also the complexities arising from their deepening friendship
Don't Let Go
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Additional Tags: [A dangerous case in which members of an endangered species are in danger.]


  1. Here's hoping a new chapter shows up on this story soon's been a little while, and it's a tale that deserves attention.

  2. Thank you for the kind review DrummerMax, and Caliosidhe for the fantastic picture! I'm working on the next chapter to be published by month's end.

  3. Love this story. Very well written and in need of support, though the update time has been terrible.

    Also now that the interview with Sprinkah has been done, who's next? Sprinkah is an artist, so it only makes sense to do an author now. It took forever to get Sprinkah's interview, so I hope the next one doesn't take long. Do Upplet now! He's an awesome writer, and I really want to here his story! Please do him now!

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