Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Ace Attorney crossover fan-game, Zootopia Defence, is complete!

Ladies and gentlemammals, we have our first full fan game!

Back in January, we covered a then in-progress Phoenix Wright fan game set in Zootopia called "Turnabout Wilde".  Well, after several months development and feedback, the full game, Zootopia Defence, is complete!

Brought to us by tom117z and DoctorJohnPotters, this series of trials takes us through the twists and turns you'd expect in a phoenix wright game, from a murder trial, to arson, to a sabotaged train- all with ties weaving them together in a larger plot.

I've only been able to play a little bit, but so far it's been a very well-put together game, all things considered.  I could definitely sink several hours into solving these cases.  For the first completed Zootopia fan game, it definitely holds up!

Check it out for yourself for free over on Ace Attorney Online!  I recommend zooming your window in as you play so you can read things more clearly, AAO is kinda weird when it comes to that.  And if that's not enough for you, then check out the series' TVTropes page!