Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Story: In Our Dreams

Art by: Koraru-san
[Rating T13][Romance][Family][Drama][Humor]

What do you get when you have Nick, Judy, Jack and Skye as little kits who grow up together? One heck of a cute, enjoyable story, that's what! Dancing Lunar Wolves does a remarkable job of giving a distinct personality to each of these four mammals, and as they turn from babies to adolescents, it's very easy to become invested in their characters. You'll laugh with them in the happy times and sympathize with them in the sad ones, and through it all, you'll be thoroughly entertained by a tale that's filled with fun dialogue, amusing interactions and youthful energy. - DrummerMax64

Author: Dancing Lunar Wolves
Description : Throughout our lives, we share something in common. Whether old or young, one species or another, rich or poor, we dream. A dream is something you can share, a hope for a better tomorrow. When all of us dream together, it becomes an unstoppable reality that pushes us forward. Even high schoolers like Nick and Judy along with Jack and Skye want their dreams to become true.
In Our Dreams
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  1. Thank you all so much for featuring this. ^_^

    I'm happy to share every part of this story (and some of my school antics) with everyone. XD

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