Prepare yourselves, D23 is almost here!

“It All Started with a Mouse” by Nik159

It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime, of the yeaaaar!  And I’m not talking about Christmas!

Starting tomorrow, July 14th, and going through sunday, Disney will be hosting its annual Expo, known as D23 (referencing when the company was first founded in 1923) at the Anaheim Convention Center in California!  There will be all sorts of major events taking place, from a showcase of Disney and Pixar’s upcoming films (such as Coco and Wreck-it-Ralph 2) presented by John Lasseter, to announcements about Disney Parks and Resorts, to a panel on Ducktales, old and new!  It’s the most Disney-filled weekend anyone could possibly get.  (see the full event schedule here)

Sadly, ZNN is unable to attend this year, but never fret!  We may not be there in person, but we will be there in spirit!  We will still be covering any major news that comes out of the convention.  We have no clue what to expect, but if Disney is ever going to announce anything big related to Zootopia, this would be the place they’d do it!

Also, there are meetups being planned specifically for Zootopia fans to hang out together during the expo.  So far, two were planned over on reddit, but if anyone is planning any others, send us an email and we’ll add them to this list so people can know where to go.

  • Saturday, 2 PM – tables near the food court inside the Hilton Anaheim hotel
  • Sunday, 8 PM – Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney.
Again, if you’re planning another meetup and we don’t have it listed here, send us an email and we’ll update this list.
If you would like to go to D23 and haven’t bought a ticket yet, it’s not too late!  They still have general admission tickets available over on!  And if you do go, remember, as always…
Have a magical day!  …wait, that’s not my line

~Andy Lagopus

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