Comic: WildeHopps Civil War AU [PART 7] (By ProgressOfTomorrow)

And now, on a day we celebrate American History, we continue a story we began almost a year ago: the saga of WildeHopps, set in the era of the American Civil War.
When we last left off, Nick had gotten into an argument with Judy, but when he went to search for her in the pouring rain, the lightning and thunder sent him into a PTSD-induced flashback of his time on the front lines.
Poor Nick…
This brilliant work (which is expected of this series at this point) comes to us from the highly talented ProgressOfTomorrow! She has done a phenomenal job taking a bizarre and unusual AU and making it come to life, and I am certainly looking forward to the rest of it!
For those of you just joining this series, you can find the rest of the comic here:
Be sure to support ProgressOfTomorrow over on her Tumblr, where you can read the entire comic so far, and check out Part 7 after the break!

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