Story: Five Slices of Grief

Art by: DancingLunarWolves

[Rating T13][Drama][Angst][Complete]

A different kind of tragedy story that examines Nick’s inner torment in the wake of a horrific disaster that he experiences. However, what was it exactly? Delve into the mind of a deeply troubled fox as his mind spirals out of control from the immense grief he’s feeling. Thoughts will run rampant, tears will be shed, and by the end of this quirky and unusual tale of woe, you’ll see just how much Nick can be riled up by something that’s truly nightmarish. Well, in his eyes at least. – DrummerMax64

Author: DancingLunarWolves

Description :
How does one cope with grief? Do they deny what happened? Is their anger going to consumer them? Will they bargain with the unknown? Are they full of depression? Can they accept the truth? Join Nick Wilde as he copes with his life as it is. Metaphors and analogies, nothing is as it seems.

Five Slices of Grief
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