Friday, June 30, 2017

Story: Electric Eldritch Eidolon

Art by: TheWyvernsWeaver
[Rating M16][Thriller][Horror][Supernatural]

It takes something special to write a Zootopia story in which one of the main characters dies in the first few paragraphs, but Electric Eldritch Eidolon pulls it off masterfully. What follows is a suspenseful adventure of government conspiracy, the supernatural, and a very-confused Nick who should be very dead, considering the gaping hole in his chest. Judy is with him every step of the way as they unravel the mystery of how, and why, he's still alive. - Mordecai

Author: ADeadMissionary
Description : Being dead isn't as easy as Nick Wilde thought it would be. Chased by government agents, shadowy black ops, and mammals with supernatural abilities, the poor fox has never had it so rough. At least he has the bunny cop on his side. What the hell is an Eidolon, anyway? Gore, death, and lots of screaming.
Electric Eldritch Eidolon

Additional Tags: Alliteration always awesome. Stellar suspense story.


  1. i wanted to like this but i didn't like that it was an au

    super petty but whatever

  2. I'm pretty sure that Zanrok and/or Cimar mention ADeadMissionary,cool guy. Also in Despicable Me 3 in the crooked Forest waterfall scene I saw a Fox and bunny together. Also after that scene I saw a bunny with a Fox and bunny kits. I am telling the truth go and see the movie.

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    2. I don't know if I'm the only Brazilian to follow this fanfiction, but so far I'm really enjoying it.