ZNN Spotlight #3: The Bunny of Winter!

Spin the spotlight, round it goes, where it lands, nobody knows!

And today it falls on…..


You may have heard of her before. TheWinterBunny has a really impressive art style that matches the look of the original movie. And of course, she enjoys the creation of our favorite bunny and fox duo.

Beyond that, her skies are simply gorgeous! Day or night, when she draws them, they’re a marvel to look at. And we can’t forget that she’s helped out the community, drawing a ton of other people’s Zoosonas. Her work is absolutely fantastic, and whenever she is open to commissions, I strongly recommend you take that offer while it lasts!

Well, I think that’s enough of an intro, check her out over on DeviantArt or tumblr and some of her art after the break!


  1. Been seeing some of these pop up all over the place…they do have a great style (and apparently a knack for capturing some serious emotion)

  2. Love WinterBunny's art. Great work, wonderful subjects and scenes. I'd missed that she had done "Yes". What a great piece! Thanks for spotlighting these.. Stubat

  3. WinterBunny's art is very popular and her commission slots sell out fast. This set might actually be overbooked even before announcement! If you want to commission her, you have to be watching her DA like a hawk.

  4. She is truly one of the greatest Zootopia artists ever. All her artwork is beautiful in showing both Nick and Judy with a happy romance, and keeping to the family-friendly aspect of Zootopia. She has a positive disposition in life and is a person of great principles and positive attitude. She deserves only the highest of praise and respect for everything she has given to the fandom.

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