Monday, May 8, 2017

Story: Something Stinks

Art by: KungFuFreak07
[Rating K9][Mystery][Adventure]

Taking place in the time between Bellwether's arrest and Nick's graduation, Something Stinks introduces us to compelling mystery regarding Night Howlers and their commercial and domesticated use before being used as a weapon of mass panic. Nick and Judy have some brilliantly charming banter and pranks that only they could get into, and the OCs are seamlessly implemented into the world, fleshing out the already diverse universe of Zootopia. If you're looking for a good mystery that will hook you in right from the beginning and promises a deeper plot beneath the surface, then this story is definitely worth a read! - Ronald Latranae (Blenderguy15)

Author: Omnitrix 12
Description : In the aftermath of the Nighthowler Case, the ZPD is still on high alert trying to track down the remaining suspects of the Bellwether Conspiracy - and their lines of supply. Enter Judy and Nick, sent to investigate one of the most sensitive leads on the case. With a cast of new and old faces in their path, danger, mystery, and hilarity ensue - along with some possible romance.
Something Stinks

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  1. Very much a recommended tale; a very active work-in-progress and there's a lot of potential for excitement coming up.

  2. I'm very pleased to see this hosted here. It's a great read and good fun.

  3. Interesting read, will definitely check out also could they review Silence and valiance very good AU story