Comic: Sly Bunny (by Dexter01992)

Imagine for a moment that Judy didn’t let nick’s speech about her being just a dumb bunny get to her.  Imagine she didn’t step into that wet cement, and had instead opted to think up things that nick did do that are against the law in some way?

Dexter01992 is here to answer that question.  And boy, does Judy prove herself to be one sly bunny.

Check out the original over on Deviantart, and get the full comic after the break!


  1. This comic ruins the power balance of the movie and only serves as a Judy power trip. Are the points she makes correct? Sure they are but like real life, the scene doesn't play out like a fact sheet. Judy starts the scene incensed at Nick for taking advantage of her at the ice cream parlor and only gets angrier throughout the interaction due to Nick's insult. Nick for his part throws her off by actually having paperwork, constantly being on the move and being so calm, yet smug.

    Judy cared more about her "good deed" having all been a scam and trying to understand why Nick did it, then she did actually making an arrest. She let her emotions get the best of her, on a day where she already had her enthusiasm stomped on by being put on parking duty.

    • Also there is one hole here, in the movie scene Nick HAS a food vendors license and a receipt of declared commerce, so he's already got all the legal documentation required.

      But it's a cute comic regardless.

    • The issues Judy is talking about in this comic are not the lack of legal documentation, but rather selling food that may be contaminated (by snow, gutter or paws) and construction materials that are not up to standards.

      But you are right on comic being cute. I think it's well drawn and funny. 🙂

    • tbf most fan comic's I've read the power balance is always in Nicks favor and they dumb down Judy's character for the sake of shipping fuel. This is the only comic I've seen where its Judy who is overpowered

  2. The problem is, while she is probably right (honestly dont know the law of Zootopia), she needs to prove it first. Anyway, Bogo would not allow her to arrest anybody for these things. Not when they had that big case and she is just a simple metermaid, but nice idea regardless.

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