Friday, March 10, 2017

Zootopia as a Crime Thriller (By CineFix)

Did you know that Zootopia is in the top 10 Crime Movies on IMDB?  Yeah.  It totally falls into that genre.  But what if it were to go all the way?  What if the trailers were cut to make it as much of a thriller as possible?

Enter CineFix, a channel that recuts trailers for a movie to make them look like they were supposed to be a different genre all along!  They do great work, and it's great to see them give Zootopia the full treatment.

Check it out after the break!


  1. I like this trailer than the offical trailer :v

  2. Not bad, but that piano music is really distracting and I don't think it fits the content or the mood very well. I think they could've done better on the sound.

    1. You are right. And I remember there was some month ago a very similar trailer but without piano and a better fitting score.
      I couldn't find the original from Cinemash (did they delete it?) but I found a repost:

    2. I agree with you. The Cinemash trailer was really awesome. This one... not really.

    3. Oh noooo.... the repost of the Cinemash trailer is gone as well...

      Anyone managed to download that before it disappeared?

    4. A good friend of mine on Tumblr successfully spelunked through the Internet and FOUND A COPY:

      For safekeeping and posterity, I've downloaded the video and store it somewhere safe :-)