Friday, March 24, 2017

Story: Stranger at Home

Art: Jake Kim
[Rating K9][Family][Romance][Slice of Life][Complete]

A brilliant interpretation of Nick and Judy heading back to her hometown so that she can introduce her boyfriend to her loving, albeit overprotective, parents. While there, they have to deal with her rambunctious siblings, an apprehensive Stu, and a small incident that gets blown way out of proportion. Pleasant and sincere, this is a nice story that functions as an absorbing family drama, and is the latest entry in TheRealFanboy's enjoyable Parts of a Family series. -DrummerMax64

Author: TheRealFanboy
Description : Finally, Judy wants to introduce Nick to her family and show him her home town. It is their first vacation together, so they decide to spend it on the Hopps Family Farm. Yet the surprise is bigger than she had hoped for.
Stranger at Home
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Additional Tags: Who's the REAL stranger?


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