Story Series: Parts of a Family

Art: Angelito2695

[Rating K9][Hurt/comfort][Drama]

These stories do a wonderful job of capturing the pain Nick feels after that dreaded press conference. How he goes to the one mammal he trusts and feel some sort of comfort. The feeling of desperation from Judy as she pleaded with Finnick in the next one was powerful as she expressed how she felt about the whole thing. The way she told her case to him felt genuine and wholehearted. And finally, the way the two talked it out at the very end was amazing! How they both blamed themselves for what happened before swapping and accepting apologizes was a nice touch to an interesting series! ~Lucario389

Author: TheRealFanboy

Description :
1st: After Nick left the press-conference, he stumbles through the streets of Zootopia. His instincts steer him towards his friend’s van, not quite knowing himself what he expects to find there.
2nd: An extension of the scene where Judy finds Finnick and asks him for Nick’s whereabouts, told from Finnick’s perspective.
3rd: The dust has settled, Judy and Nick have been taken to the station after their ordeal with Bellwether. Now that they’re by themselves, they finally have time to talk about all that left unspoken in the rush of things before.

Series: Parts of a Family
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Additional Tags: A trilogy of one shots about talking it out.

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