Meet the ZNN Team! Part 5: From Fans to Friends!

Wait a second.  We’re within ten thousand views of Three Million?  Wow.  That was a lot sooner than I was expecting.

Well, in that case, it’s time for a refresher of who’s new on the ZNN team!  It’s really marvelous how much we’ve grown in the past several months.  We’ve simultaneously become more of an organized company, and more of a family of friends.  The team has challenged me in all the best ways, helping me maintain and grow the site.   I am so grateful to all of them for all of the work they’ve put in to helping make ZNN such a success.

Now then, we have 6 New team members to introduce, and character art from a couple we introduced last time that we never quite got to show off then.  As before, all the character art is by Quirky-Middle-Child, and Sendrax who continue to be seriously awesome, if slightly overworked!

So without further ado, meet the new additions to the ZNN team after the break!

Considering his quality review of the Nick Wilde Funko Pop! miniature and Zootopia Pin, it wasn’t long before we asked TheFonz46 for another review.  And another.  Eventually we decided to just get to the point and actually make him a member of ZNN.  Now he is an official Reviewer along with Surrika Tunnah!

Let’s give a big ‘Eeeeyyy for Fonz!

We’ve reorganized the Abyss Gazers recently, so our process is far more streamlined and refined.  Lending a hand to the process of sacrificing sanity to the elder gods of the abyss preparing stories for ZNN, we have three new Abyss Gazers to introduce!  You’ve probably seen their reviews in the beginning of several story posts, so now:

Meet Drummer (DrummerMax64)

and newcario Lucario!  (Lucario389)
In the past few months, Moonwolf, along with Pascal and Shadow, have been working to help ZNN become more efficient at making our posts.  So, to that end, they have created something we call the ZNN Automatic Post Delivery System, or more casually…
Otto P. Oster!
Lending his aid as a Code Monkey (the new name for our Web Wizards) and helping us keep Otto from gaining sentience and rebelling, as well as helping with Abyss Gazing from time to time, we now have 
We have a New Social Butterfly in charge of organizing our Facebook and Patreon pages, 

[Picture not avaliable because Quirky works so hard we really need to give him some sort of vacation.]

Speaking of giving Quirky a bit of a break, we’ve brought on an additional Artful Dodger whose work you may already be familiar with:


And last but not least, we have the trio behind Sunderance- Seele, Kulkum, and TheWyvernsWeaver!  We introduced them last time, but their character art wasn’t quite ready then.  However, now that it’s done, it would be a shame not to include it.

Again, big thanks to all of these guys for their excellent work making ZNN what it is today!  I will see you all at 3 Million Pageviews!


  1. Congratulations! I'm still a fan of this website, especially since this site is the reason why I'm working on the Zistopia Dub and have great friends. I hope to one day have the honor of having my OC drawn for ZNN. Keep up all the great work that you do, ZNN Team!

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