Thursday, February 9, 2017

Art of the Day #86 - Snow Day!

Winter Patrol by とぐぐぐ
Source [1]
Is it just me, or do you guys associate Zootopia with summer?  Despite there being a whole arctic region of the city, there's about 1 picture of snow for every 20 pictures of summer.  Don't know why.

But, since I've been snowed in by a blizzard, I feel it's appropriate to show off some some of the benefits of being born with an all natural fur coat.

Stay frosty after the break!

ズートピアまとめ① by 疣
Source [2]
ズートピアまとめ① by 疣
Source [3]
落書き by スズリ
Source [4]
Even predators can dream by H-StallionWolf
Source [5]
Zootopia&FROZENログ by セト@twitter始めました
Source [6]
Zootopia&FROZENログ by セト@twitter始めました
Source [7]
Nick x Judy by Luzz015
Source [8]
[Ttitle Unknown] by @ydk1226
Source [9]
[Title Unknown] by mortmorrison
Source [10]
Here comes the Wossack by Sendraxmon
Source [11]
I find this adorable by zootopiangirl
Source [12]
ズトピまとめ② by あたこ
Source [13]
[Title Unknown] by @Nanax775
Source [14]
Zootopia and Sherlock TV Series Cross-dressing by G-Aryana007
Source [15]
ズートピア⑧ by 空干
Source [16]
ろぐ by さいん
Source [17]
Winters-Embrace by KRTR
Source [18]
Zootopia 16 by Manual Artist search required!
Source [19]
Art of Nik - 067. New Outfit by nik159
Source [20]
Zoot - Autumn Judy by Dante-mL
Source [21]
Nick and Judy by Neverjay
Source [22]
Zootopia: Arctic Drift by Code-Shark
Source [23]
Jusy as Elsa by SketchyJackie
Source [24]
Pawpsicle Light Surprise by weketa@狼琊
Source [25]


  1. Nice art work. Curious though, in the pic that has the Frozen characters as Zootopia animals, Elsa is an arctic fox, Anna is a bunny, if they're sisters shouldn't they both be the same type of animal? Yeah, yeah, it's nitpicking but still......

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