Monday, January 2, 2017

Zootopia is the #1 Best Movie of 2016!

That's right!  We're the Freshest of the Fresh!  The Cream of the Crop!  The Cusp of the Stuff!  The- I'll stop now.

Rotten Tomatoes has released their end-of-the-year Top 100 List, counting all of the best movies of 2016 and ranking them based on their scores among both critics and audiences.  Where does Zootopia place?

As if you even need to ask!  I definitely gave that away in the title.

Source: Rich Moore on Twitter
Interestingly, Zootopia is the first animated movie since Toy Story 3 (2010) to win this honor.  Not only that, but it is the first -and only!- Non-Pixar animated movie in the entire history of RottenTomatoes to get the #1 spot since Beauty and The Beast (1991).

If we ever needed empirical evidence that Zootopia is among the greatest of the Disney Greats, we have it now.  Check it out over on!


  1. Woot Woot! This called for a celebratory toot toot! Good on you, Disney!

  2. I notice a lot of the other movies have the same rating. What makes Zootopia number one as opposed to the others?

    1. More critics overall made a review of it. It's more impressive if, say, 300 people gave it a positive review, than just 100 for some other (indie) films.

  3. Now if only Disney would notice and work out a sequel...

  4. Wow, nice! I think you meant 'empirical' evidence? :P

  5. Did we need to confirm this? Everyone here already knows it's the best movie of 2016!

  6. Not that my opinion means anything, but I agree with them.

  7. I am very happy for the team that created Zootopia. It really is a special movie.

  8. Well, rotten tomatoes sometimes has its issues, but its nice