Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Story: Seeking the Wilds


[Fantasy][Drama][Adventure][Rating T13]

A remarkable story of adventure and friendship between a rabbit and her everlastingly loyal pet fox. Join Judy and Nick in this fascinating AU set in a distant past, a time when civilization was still in its fledgling stages and mammals were more in tune with their natural instincts. Highly entertaining and well written, readers will learn out about the deepening relationship between these two and the trials they have to endure in order to survive in this primitive setting. ~DrummerMax64

Author: LovelyMayor

Description : It is a time with no date. Judy Hopps is Seeker of the Hopps Clan, an elite scout with a mission to save her family. 'Nick' is pet fox to the rabbits, Judy's companion in her scouting. As the pair journey to the Meadowlands in search of a future, Nick and Judy encounter a life-changing experience.

Seeking the Wilds
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Additional Tags: Who WOULDN'T want Nick as a pet?


  1. I was following and enjoying a similar story a while back called A Rabbit Clan's Fox. Unfortunately, that one seems to have been abandoned. Hopefully, this story won't suffer the same fate.

    1. I agree--this is also a very good story and I hope it gets updated again!


    2. From what I've noticed Rabbit Clan's Fox only gets infrequent updates; but usually, they're long

    3. You might be thinking of some other story. Last several chapters of A Rabbit Clan's Fox have been quite short. I don't think the last three chapters combined would equal 2500 words. And the last chapter was Nov. 8. I've given up on it. Hope I'm wrong, though.

  2. This is quite good--patiently awaiting the next chapter!


  3. Exciting and lovable story. Nick was originally pets, but proves he and Judy, together represent the future.