Saturday, January 21, 2017

Story: Don't You Remember?

[Romance][Friendship][Rating T13]
Heartfelt and emotional, join our duo as they tackle this predicament in an excellent story of love, caregiving and recollection. ~ DrummerMax

Author: Nehkles

Description : Nick Wilde finally has everything he could ever want. A nice partner, the perfect roommate, and an incredible girlfriend; all in the form of one Judy Hopps. But things can change in an instant. The next thing she knows, Judy finds herself in a hospital bed with a splitting headache and her mind in a fog, not to mention having this weird fox-cop insist that he's her partner.

Don't You Remember?
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Additional Tags: The persistence of memory, or lack thereof in Judy's case.


  1. Thus far it's been a great story, worth a read

  2. Quite a heartstring-tugging story, that's for sure.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us! It's a great read so far and I hope we get lots of updates in the future!