Friday, January 13, 2017

Comic: Shocking Developments (original by Ruffu)

Everyone seems to ship Nick and Judy.  I can't blame them- their chemistry is so organic.
I swear that lame science joke was unintentional.
But one thing we never saw in Zootopia was someone who could compete for their romantic interests.  Well, Ruffu is here to introduce a bit of spice to that relationship.

Meet Megan Fawkes, a foxy vixen who works as a secretary at the ZPD.  I'm not being derogatory or anything, she's literally a vixen.  What started as an average wake-up-call from Judy turns out to be a bit more interesting than Nick originally thought.

Check it out over on Deviantart, or after the break!


  1. A lame science joke? As a scientist, I wholeheartedly approve!

    1. I'm not even lying, I wrote it out, then realized right before I was going to post that it was a lame science joke. XD

  2. Megan seems to have a prehensile tail. That's...kind of oddly hot.

  3. NEED MORE! Mr. Cliffhang too omnipresent

  4. Now that is how you do an OC! My hat goes off to the writer/artist.

  5. Battleship Wildehopps, rival OC off the port bow...all cannons engage!

    I'll just leave this here...>.>


  6. Been following this one for a little while, so glad it made it here...ugh, but now the wait for the next portion...

  7. Fun stuff! How did Judy end up with that sidecar cycle thingy? It fits her so well! Your style is outstanding, keep it up!

  8. Love the art style, however Judy seems rather out of character. Especially the part where she wakes Nick with an air horn and is unsympathetic to fact that her actions made him hurt himself, much less that he lives in squalor.

  9. Love the style and the story too. I want MORE! My favourite part is where Judy wakes Nick up. It was so funny! XD

  10. the drawing style is amazing... looks cannon