Thursday, December 8, 2016

FreezeFrame #2- Hunting for Tax Exemptions!

Remember the first time you saw Zootopia?  Who can honestly say they expected this cub to bust out a fountain pen and proclaim he wanted to be an actuary when he grew up?

Nobody, that's who.  Heck, I even had to look up what an actuary was.  Great work, Disney- even your jokes get us to learn new things.

On a related note, does he have a name?  I don't know if he's ever been given a name in any sort of official material.  He's not named in the credits, that much is certain.  And he's WAY too cute to go nameless.

Seriously, just look at that face.


This is serious business, people.

Comment your ideas below, and we'll decide in a vote next week.


  1. This might be a bit of a leap in time, but what about Judy's *ahem* productive, statement to the reporters? I remember noticing how they reacted to Nick leaving afterwards, so I can only imagine the wealth of emotions you'll find during the actual statement.

  2. Replies
    1. Correct! actually, the directors talked about him in numerous interviews...

  3. Apparently he's simply named "Jaguar" though allegedly it's pronounced "hog-you-are".

    1. Yep. It was a question from Byron's Twitter page.

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