FreezeFrame #1- Rabbit Reactions!

Welcome to a new series of articles from ZNN! Zootopia is one of the most detail-rich movies in recent memory, and as an animated movie, that is an incredible feat.  Literally every time I watch it, I find something that I’d never seen before.  And for someone who’s watched it as much as I have, that is really something spectacular.

So in this series, we’ll be looking at various screenshots from the movie, and pointing out details you may have never seen before.  And what better one to start out with than a shot from the opening scene of the movie, where everyone’s reactions are priceless.
Click on the image above to see it in all its glory, and check out some hilarious faces after the break!

Dramatic Face is Dramatic
“Hey, get out of the way, I can’t see my sister violently die!”
The Horror!  THE HORROR!

I am going to have some words with Mrs. Hopps at the next PTA meeting.

Then you have this kid, who’s just super into it.
Also, that is an adorable t-shirt.  I want one.


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