Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nick and Judy are FINALLY going to be regulars at Disney World!

It's official!  Nick and Judy are going to be mainstay characters at Disney Parks!  It's only been 2/3 of a year since the movie was released, but hey, better late than never!

This news comes to us from several sources, including ThrillGeek and Orlando Weekly, which claim that they will be making their first appearance as regular characters, avaliable for meet-and-greets, as a part of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  The event will run from November 7th to December 22nd, and the dynamic duo will likely remain in the parks after that!

This is especially great news for us, considering that it's been months since the petition to make them regulars was started.  We have no idea if it actually influenced the parks' decision or not, but it does feel good to get what you ask for.  Eventually.


  1. I think more "Our film made a billion dollars" talked more than a petition.

  2. Nick and Judy made the Disney World a better place :D

  3. "and the dynamic duo will likely remain in the parks after that!"

    Really? Wow!

    *Checks source articles*

    No one said that. They just talk about the Christmas thing.

    1. "likely" based on how popular the movie was, and the fact that we're at about the same timeframe that Anna, Elsa, and other frozen characters became regulars at the parks relative to their movie. However, because there's no confirmation yet, it's still just "likely"

  4. Well thank the zoo that the spam mail I got from that petition site was worth it!

  5. My goodness the event starts at my birth date XDDDD

    I feel lucky (^^)

  6. I can confirm from my own sources that this is fact. Official announcements will come soon! They are going to be meeting in Fantasy Land unless a last minute change is made.