Monday, October 17, 2016

Story: All Up in the Fur

[Mystery][Romance][Rated T-13]

Definitely an interesting story. I like the use of splitting up Nick and Judy to let other characters have their time in the spotlight. With some very small exceptions, the characterization is well done too. ~Nota

Author: DeliriousAbsol

Description : While investigating a series of kidnappings, Nick decides to go undercover completely of his own accord. It's such a convincing act, Judy is too scared to tell her superiors. Especially since both his job and life may be at risk. When things grow even more worrying, she has no choice but to gain help from two of Nick's friends – Flash and Finnick. (Eventual WildeHopps)

All Up in the Fur

Additional Tags: Authors: Do more things with side characters- they're just as fun as Nick and Judy

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