Saturday, October 29, 2016

Art of the Day #62.5 - Happy Judy / Nick Day, Japan!

10/29 17 Artist Collab by 17 artists (credited in the image)
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Today is Judy and Nick Day! Seriously, it's a thing people in Japan are starting to celebrate!

It comes from a bit of Japanese wordplay. Today is 10/29, and in Japanese, 10 is pronounced "Juu", 2 is pronounced "Ni", and 9 is pronounced "Ku". Put them together, and you have... "Juu NiKu", which sounds a lot like "Judy Nick".

Let's make this international! From now on, let's all agree that October 29th is Judy and Nick Day! Who's with me?

Get your art after the break!

Nick Judy Day (Donadona) by @do291010na
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10-29! by @CompMq (さくま)
Source [3]
10/29 by @ydk1226
Source [4]
2016.10.29 by @tan_po_po_tan (Awa)
Source [5]
Happy JudyNick Day! by @_iasatay (葵)
Source [6]
Congrats! by @shironaga67
Source [7]
Happy Ever After by @noko_ume_
Source [8]

Not For Show by Rikuo
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  1. I'm scheduling a tumblr post for next year already to remind myself

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  3. The 29th of every month is Nick's day...

    "2 9" in Japanese is 二 九 (Ni Ku)

    "Nick" in Japanese is ニック (Nikku)


  4. This should definitely be a holiday for Zootopians!

  5. Works for me ^^
    Cya next year :3

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