Thursday, September 8, 2016

Take a special look at how Judy Hopps was animated!

Animation is tricky business.  Taking 2D storyboards and voice recordings and turning them into moving 3D models is very complicated- especially when it comes to capturing the thoughts and emotions of the characters.  Often, animators will use themselves as references to look at when trying to animate certain expressions, which leads to the expression "The Animator is an Actor".

As we all know, Zootopia did this brilliantly, especially with regards to Judy.  So let's meet the main mind behind it!

Variety Magazine recently released a video interview with Kira Lehtomaki, one of the animation supervisors on Zootopia.  She was the lead animator for for Judy, and once you get to see her in action, you can definitely see how she influenced the character.

And if, by some chance, Kira Lehtomaki happens to read this, thank you so much for your wonderful work!  Zootopia just wouldn't be the same without you and your contributions!

Check out the video after the break!


  1. I love that move that Judy does at 1:41, listening at the door and then doing that badass bunny kick-and-draw maneuver. It would be awesome to see some action like that in a sequel. :)

  2. Humph, how interesting. Always love a good behind-the-scenes video; I particularly enjoyed the showcase of the cut / test animations.

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  4. Lovely. I really loved the cartoon and thank you for this video about its creation. Never new that it is made this way. First I read about Nick here - and after that article started surfing your blog as a result - followed and saved few posts to my dataroom . Waiting for new posts!

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  8. My wife apologizes much like Judy does under the bridge, so it's no surprise that it's my favorite scene in the film.