Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Comic: Making Up (Original by Tama)

Even the best of friends will get into arguments, and Nick and Judy have just finished quarreling, with neither of them giving an inch. Afterwards though, Nick feels sorry about it. How best to give an apology? Perhaps a certain device can come to his aid?

Thanks to Tama for making the original comic and for providing textless versions of the pages, and thanks to LMAbacus for translating it for us. You can find the original on Pixiv and, as usual, read from right to left and get your translated comic after the break!


  1. Now that's pretty cute! And very much in character, too.

  2. "And don't flirt while working!"


    Reminds me of that comic "Caught" by EWS... "Please keep all displays of affection OUT of this building!"

    1. That was an awesome comic; except I couldn't help cringing at the situation in it. This one just makes me smile :)

  3. Fraternization prevents normal working standards from being achieved on a daily basis... Yet here we are... Gotta love this fandom!

  4. Even an acronym can't express this comment. So here goes:
    Laugh out loud.
    Sounds weird...