Monday, August 15, 2016

Today's Comics: Workaholic | Judy's Babies | Judy's Diet (Originals by Asayaminoru)

I find myself in an interesting position I honestly never expected.  The ZNN Translation Team is phenomenal, and the fandom just keeps pumping out comics like there's no tomorrow.  This applies to both comics in foreign languages and those originally written in English.  So right now, we have more comics than we know what to do with.

Which is fantastic!  Keep it up!

To help address this seemingly insatiable desire for comics (which I share with all of you), we're going to start combining 2-3 single-page comics into one post.  Larger comics will still get their own, so don't worry about that.

So, to kick this off, we have 3 comics by あさやみのる (@Asayaminoru)!  They're essentially the comic equivalent of one-shot stories, and they're all very amusing in their own right.  Thank you Asayaminoru for making them, thank you LMAbacus for translating, and thank you gfcwfzkm for editing them!

Check out the links to the originals on pixiv and get the translated versions after the break!  And as always, read from right-to-left!


  1. Love Nick's reaction when Judy made a joke!

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