Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nick and Judy Lego Timelapse!

Okay, it's not actually lego.  It's Brick Toy, which is basically a much smaller version of Lego.  Otherwise these models would be much larger.

Still, it is fantastic that DXFunz took the time to make these!  Their attention to detail here is amazing, and the final product is something I would totally want to buy if I had the money.

Check out the timelapse video after the break!  Today's just a good day for videos, isn't it?

(And before you ask, yes, this is how I learned about that remix we featured earlier.  This video got hit with some copyright restrictions, I think, so the parts with shakira's voice are silent.  My suggestion would be to mute this video and play the song in the background while you watch it.)

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