Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Comic: Naturalist Club (Original by 米克斯犬)

[RATED T-13]

Oof... a police job must be really tiring! Good think that Judy can relax with a good massage or with a walk at the naturalist club! As long as she doesn't meet a certain somebody...

Thanks to 米克斯犬(Micks) for this fun little comic and thanks to MillerWong for translating it into english for us. You can find the original on pixiv or after the break! Don't forget to read this comic from right-to-left!


  1. That's purely awesome. The way they react in the last two panels just made me crack up.

  2. Judy's ears and Nick's tail to the rescue.

  3. i wonder, are they shy about eunuch spots? lol