Monday, June 6, 2016

Story: BvB: Butting Heads

[Legal Drama] [Humor] [Rated M-16]
If you like Courtroom drama and lawyer stories, (think Suits or Law & Order) this one's definitely for you.

Author: PresidentStalkeyes
Description: Siamese cat Sam Burmowitz is an idealist, but he's also a Lawyer, and his profession doesn't take kindly to his type.  When he finds himself tasked with defending an almost universally-hated corrupt politician and anti-predator speciesist on a one-way street to life imprisonment, he is driven to the brink of madness as he tries to uphold his motto: everyone deserves a second chance.
BvB: Butting Heads

Additional tags: OBJECTION!

Table of Contents after the break
1. The Science Of A Lamb, Part I
2. Outfoxed in Court
3. Sheep On A Train
4. The Cat With Ten Lives
5. You Must(ang) Be Joking
6. The Silence Of A Lamb, Part II
7. This is Bat Country
8. You're Nicked!
9. Pulling The Wool Over One's Eyes
10. Tie The Kangaroo Down

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