Monday, April 11, 2016

Art of the Day #7

Gazelle by atachi00
Source [1]
Have some Gazelle and the GlitterTigers (as many of you like calling them)!  Those hips do NOT lie.

Get your dose of awesome art after the break!

Judy Hopps - Concept Art by Nasirgan
Source [2]

Judy and Nick by KatNay
Source [3]
Mayor Leodore Lionheart by Defago
Source [4]

Gazelle by Mistrel-Fox
Source [5]

Partners...? by Alliizoo
Source [6]
Detective Hopps by BullPoopSniperRifle
Source [7]

Try Everything: ZPD Bicycle Patrol by Lleu-Momiji
Source [8]

Zootopia - Duke Weaselton (Inktober #26) by nik159
Source [9]
Judy Hopps Disney Sketch by FluttershytheKind
Source [10]
Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde by LevinFiery
Source [11]


Nick Wilde  / Judy Hopps by Aleoo-Whiter
Source [12]                                      Source [13]

Judy Hopps in action by RUNNINGWOLF-MIRARI
Source  [14]

Judy Hopps by RapidFox

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