Art of the Day #532

BEASTOPIA~ by @ZetsuenTAl Source [1] And hello again, fellow fans of Zootopia! Our opening images for this week’s collection are a pair of Zootopia/Beastars crossover pics; Nick and Judy channeling Legoshi and Haru, followed by Haru and Legoshi channeling Judy […]


Art of the Day #531

Makoto Hopps by nauyaco Source [1] Greetings, everybody! Our Featured Image for this week is the opening pic in a mini-gallery of Zootopia / Ghost in the Shell crossovers.  The cover pic is by Nauyaco, the rest are by Hacatiko […]

Art of the day

Art of The Day #530

Rainforest Stroll by @Jaskenator7000 Source [1] Yay-y-y, Art of the Day is back again! We’re not exactly sure how many times per month we’ll be posting, but we’re going to start off by putting up only random Zootopia Fanart collections, […]


Merch: Nick and Judy Drinking Glasses!

Source Cheers, everyone! Time for another exciting update on some of the exciting Zootopia goods up for grabs over at Tokyo’s Disneyland. Goods like these drinking glasses featuring both Judy and Nick. That certainly makes for a nice way to […]


Comic: The ZPD Files (By AAR0NJAY)

Source Hello, one and all! I’ve got a quick question I want to ask: Anybody remember Zootopia: Crime Files? Fun little mobile crime-solving game where you got to help Nick and Judy investigate crime scenes and solves cases? We even […]


Merch: Judy Hopps Magic Bands Up For Grabs!

  Source Time for another update for all you Zoot merch and theme park enthusiasts out there! Walt Disney World recently released a new line of Magic Bands, one of which features Zootopia’s finest, Judy Hopps! For those not in […]

More Than

Story: More Than

Art by StarryOak [Rating T13][Adventure][Crime][OC] Life is unfair for some, particularly those who get judged as soon as they’re born. In Mary’s case though, it’s not her species that’s the problem: it’s her parents, Dawn Bellwether and Doug Ramses, the […]