Judy Hopps Avatar Now Available in VRChat


The landscape of socialization is one that is constantly changing. Long gone are the days when your only options were mailing letters or calling somebody on the phone as things such as email and social media have become far more prominent. Not that you can’t still use some of those older methods if you want to.

One of the more recent innovations is virtual world platforms such as VRChat what can take you into different environments to interact and chat with people in all manner of different and unique ways. To do so, you’ll need an avatar, and this is where things really start to get interesting since there are nearly limitless different types of guises out there for you to use. You can pretty much be anyone or anything, as long as you can find or create it.

Naturally, it was inevitable that somebody would go and make a Judy Hopps avatar, and now you can enter the cyberverse as everybody’s favourite bunny cop. We have an artist who goes by the pen name JabberDeer to thank as they’ve released this new Zootopia-themed avatar for download at Gumroad and Booth. They even released a demo showing the avatar off  and its pretty crazy how expressive she looks. Check out the demo below and then maybe consider taking this new avatar for a spin. There may be only one Judy Hopps, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun pretending to be her for a bit.


  1. Hey! It worked for that Gazelle app in the movie, so why not in VR?

    virtually thete.

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